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WHAT DO WE DO? We do graphic design

What do we do? Why graphic design? Is graphic design necessary in the 21st century? What is graphic design anyway?

Concept of graphic design

Graphic design is applied art that most often combines typography, illustration, photography, and printing. Graphic design represents visual communication to convey an idea or message, all for the purpose of informing, persuading, or educating. In recent times, and especially in the last few years, graphic design also deals with newer technologies such as videos, film, and multimedia. Although graphic design deals with 2D graphics, it can also include work on 3D objects such as packaging, industrial design, showroom design, and architecture.

The power and strength of graphic design

When it is of good quality, graphic design has extraordinary power, whatever medium it is on, and the power really reaches the user. With graphic design, the rules of graphic design must be applied, and then everyone will be ahead of every average we see every day, and it will look like you are in a higher league. The best programs for performing graphic design activities are Adobe, i.e. Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Acrobat and other Adobe graphic tools, and CorelDRAW Graphics, and in the last few years, there is also Canva.

Bracopone – graphic design

With graphic design, it is necessary to create an idea and set the goal of the project, and it is necessary to create a visual form with regard to the principles of compensation and organization, the relationship of the displayed information, symbolic meanings, and typography, and aesthetics. In graphic design programs, there are all the necessary tools and technologies for designing visual communications, and they need to be used correctly and creatively. In order to perform quality graphics and graphic processing and preparation, it is necessary to select production processes in order to be able to properly access printed and digital media, considering their roles in the creation, reproduction, and distribution of visual messages. It is necessary to use graphic programs within the given aesthetic, technological, and economic frameworks in order to be able to design and prepare for printing different types of publications and other graphic products with regard to the given parameters.

Is graphic design necessary in the 21st century?

Yes, graphic design is necessary for all activities in the 21st century, regardless of the fact that everything can take place over the Internet.

Bracopone – examples

We make different graphic solutions for Futsal Dinamo and KK Dinamo.

Graphic design
An example of graphic design – social media kits – Dinamo Trophy
An example of graphic design – social media kits – Dinamo Trophy
Grafički dizajn
An example of graphic design – social media kits – Basketball camp


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