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A week ago, a wedding photography workshop was held. The workshop was held by one of the best wedding photographersVedran Tolić.

The workshop was held on Sunday, January 22, 2023, and the place of the event was Ranch Kurilovec near Velika Gorica. Given the popularity of the place and its ideal for weddings, parties, receptions, and similar events, this venue was ideal for holding the workshop.

radionica, workshop, vjenčanje, fotografiranje vjenčnja
Vedran Tolić gives a lecture on wedding photography

The idea of the workshop was for the lecturer Vedran to pass on his knowledge about what he knows, which is wedding photography, but about the photography itself. At the workshop were models of newlyweds, representatives of Prizma who presented the Godox brand, and Catering Flamingo was also there.

fotografiranje, fotografiranje vjenčanja
During the lecture, there was also an example of photographing sessions

The first part of the workshop was related to theory and the theoretical part, and the second part was related to the practical part, that is, to photographing newlyweds. The third part related to photo editing and what to do after the wedding. Between this part, there was a break where we could see the Godox brand, get to know each other, and exchange contacts.

fotografiranje mladenaca, fotografiranje vjenčanja
Newlyweds photography

At the very end, Vedran reviewed the available photos and gave us constructive criticism. Thanks to Vedran for the workshop and the positivity he passed on to us participants.

You can find more about the workshop on Vedran’s website!

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