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On Valentine’s Day, a new UNICEF CSR Academy workshop began. The Academy is a unique program for the business sector about the impact of business on children. The first workshop started at 09:30 in the morning and lasted until around 3 pm. The second workshop will be held on March 7, 2023 in the Croatian Association of Employers in Zagreb premises.

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The CSR Academy is an initiative of the UNICEF Office for Croatia, launched in 2017 to improve the relationship between companies and children. Under the guidance of renowned experts in social responsibility issues, the CSR Academy offers participants through four workshops the opportunity to acquire professional knowledge about the impact of business on children, as well as practical tools and guidelines that will help companies to understand better how business can affect children, how to include the perspective of children’s rights in daily operations and management and how to report on it.


The first four workshops introduced the topic “Children are our most important job”. Through four workshops, various knowledge and practical tools will be passed through, enabling companies to understand better all viable businesses that affect children and how to include the perspective of children’s rights in daily business management.

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The first workshop introduced children’s rights, that is, the principles of children’s rights and business, and how the business sector is responsible for respecting children’s rights. With many practical exercises and discussions, conclusions were reached that can help companies’ business at all levels.

At the workshop itself, indications were given of what will be done at the other workshops and how the Academy will end, regarding what knowledge and skills will be acquired. This refers to the company’s operations according to children’s rights and what can and cannot be done.

We can’t wait for the other workshops.

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