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Did you know that One Equity Partners took over Infobip? Did you know that the Stillfront group has taken over the Croatian Nanobit? Do you know that Croatia is full of talent and that young people want to work in the creative industry? Do you know that the creative industry in Croatia is growing more and more?

The Creative Suite Studio campaign consists of six business units, namely photography, graphic design, video, broadcast and gaming, and event organization. It is in circulation with photography and graphic design, and work has begun to do so. While one service has started to work, others need to be launched and these services and products need to be expanded.

The business takes place in six different business units and each unit would have its own managers who would control the work of the employees. The first part deals with photography and the creation and processing of photography.

Creative Arts Studio Logo

The second part deals with graphic design and includes all services related to graphic design. These include logos, posters, flyers, business cards, motion graphics, 3D graphics, editorials, brochures, and more. The third part refers to the creation and creation of videos, ie the creation of videos.

The fourth part is about running broadcasts. Broadcast has a plan to interview people from the industries in which the parent company operates. The fifth part deals with the organization of events related to the organization of gaming festivals and the organization of a fair related to consumer electronics related to photography, gaming, and video.

”It’s all about CREATIVE ARTS!” – message to the world

The last and the biggest part is related to the gaming industry. This includes the creation, production, and production of video games, which includes PC games, console games, online games, mobile games, and other games.

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