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Photography and online media are interconnected, and below, you can read about the connection between them. Let’s mention how online media have changed this world. Today, many people are looking for information on the Internet. The information can be real or fake, but we have focused on the media that will create content about Croatia, and that is in English.


Photography plays a critical role in online media. Visual content attracts the attention of users and readers and helps convey information quickly, simply, and efficiently. A photo is often used as an illustration of the news, but it can also be used to publish an article or advertise on the Internet. They often help create an emotional connection with users and readers and help them better understand the content.

Online media need quality photos to attract and retain readers. Photos help differentiate content and build a recognizable brand.

On the other hand, photography can be used by online media as a means of additional audience engagement, including creating interaction. For example, courses, galleries, polls, or interactive visual stories can be organized to attract the attention of readers and audiences—all to increase their engagement.


Although photography and online media are related and complement each other, they must be kept separate. Why? Because they are two different types of media. While online media conveys information through text and visual content, photography focuses exclusively on the visual aspect and tries to convey a story through an image.

Photography manifests through visual representations of events, personalities, products, or places in the media. Online media use photos to illustrate and supplement their textual content. Combining photography and online media can be a powerful communication tool and contribute to a better understanding and interpretation of information.


We launched an online media project in mid-2023, with a special focus on Croatian clubs and Croatian athletes. We launched online media with English content.

However, there are several reasons why we have started online media. One reason is that we can promote and manifest our services more easily, which is primarily photography—that way, we want to attract new clients and followers. In addition to the above, we want to create and build a high-quality brand as photographers using them. We want to show our style, work, and artistic vision to all our clients, including existing and potential ones, through the media.

With the help of online media, we want to interact directly with clients and the public and get feedback and suggestions. We also want to share our knowledge through online media, inspire others with our work, and motivate them to achieve the success they want to achieve.

All online media that we have launched or will soon launch have profiles on social networks or digital services. This allows us to reach a new audience and clients more easily. We also want to show existing clients how we cooperate with them, that is, that we think of them, too.


We provide photography, graphic design, (digital) advertising, social network management, and other related services. We have launched online media, and in cooperation with third parties, we can advertise on different media to provide the client with a complete service.

Stay tuned to and We will launch more online media soon.

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