Sunday sports photoshoot: “Factory of sports champions” photoshoot before the match between GNK Dinamo and NK Istra 1961

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What were we doing on Sunday?

Last Sunday we had the privilege of participating in a truly unforgettable sporting experience. The excitement started early in the morning when we visited the workshop “Factory of Sports Champions”, which was held at the Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Zagreb. In the heart of the Center for the Development and Care of Athletes at the Faculty of Kinesiology, through photographic lenses, we captured the moments of dedication, perseverance, and passion of young athletes who work every day to achieve their dreams. It was inspiring to see how talent and hard work meet on the way to success.

This project is organized by Fran Peterlin and his sports agency Upgrade Sports Agency. The education and workshop were attended by educators who are related to sports and who were part of sports. The host Fran made an introduction to the workshop, and then Sebastijan Orlić came on stage and explained the importance of nutrition in sports. With their examples, Martin Sinković and Damjan Rudež helped him. In the end, Nika Baić talked about the media access of athletes, which is very important for the athlete himself. After all the lectures, Nika did an interview exercise with the young athletes, while we photographed the athletes who participated in the workshop.

Upon his return to Croatia, Fran Peterlin founded the sports agency Upgrade Sports Agency. With this move, he wants to help Croatian athletes so that they can break through and present themselves in the world of sports and on the sports market more easily and simply. He has agreed to cooperate with many associates who are related to sports, and there are quite a few athlete clients who have recognized what Fran Peterlin does.

After the morning photo shoot, we headed towards the stadium in Maksimir to witness one of the more important events – the match between GNK Dinamo and NK Istra 1961, which the hosts won with a score of 4:1. The atmosphere in the stadium was incredible, full of excitement and anticipation. Through our lenses, we captured every moment of the game, every expression of emotion on the faces of the players and fans, and captured some of the most exciting moments of the match. It reminded us of the power of sports to connect people, inspire them, and move them toward a common goal.

On Sunday, Dinamo played a very important game in the continuation of the fight for the title of Croatian champion. After an unexpectedly bad start to the championship and an unsatisfactory half-season, as well as a shocking defeat in the first match of the championship, Dinamo woke up. Although he played hot and cold, Dinamo is back in the race for the national championship title. Until the end of the season, they have seven more games and a back-to-back game against Varaždin.

In the end…

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