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AUDIOIN: Niko Rukavina and Domagoj Vlahinić [FUTSAL DINAMO] // Linkedin Audio Live // August 31st, 2022

There are many tournaments, but a professional futsal club organizes one. Futsal Dinamo contains a series of tournaments called The Dinamo Trophy. The Dinamo Trophy consists of several contests, and the final is traditionally held at Šalata in Zagreb.

AUDIOIN: Niko Rukavina and Domagoj Vlahinić (Futsal Dinamo/Trofej Dinamo)

The Dinamo Trophy is one of the biggest competitions in the country, the main goal of which is to preserve the spirit of Dinamo, gather young people, and bring them closer to sports fields again. The Dinamo trophy 2021 is played from June to September in Dugave, Velika Gorica, Črnomerac, and Šalata.

Futsal Dinamo was founded in 2012. In the spring of 2014, members of the NK Dinamo fan group – Bad Blue Boys – came up with the idea of ​​founding their futsal club. In that period, repression and a large number of bans kept many Dinamo fans away from the Maksimir Stadium.

Futsal Dinamo club already existed. Bad Blue Boys contacted with the coach of Futsal Dinamo – Juraj Fabijanić. He connected them with the club’s founders, Mate Čuljak and Matija Đulvat, who are big fans of NK Dinamo. Futsal Dinamo would start functioning according to the “1 member – 1 vote” membership model.

All about about Dinamo Trophy and Futsal Dinamo You can hear at the event AudioIN: Linkedin Audio Live with Niko Rukavina and Domagoj Vahinić. The event will take place on August 31, starting at 6 p.m.

TITLE: Audio IN with Niko Rukavina and Domagoj Vlahinić
GUEST: Niko Rukavina and Domagoj Vlahinić
HOST: Ivan Brajković (Bracopone)
TIME: 18:00 (UTC+02:00 Zagreb)
PLACE: Linkedin Audio Live

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